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Published 6 months ago: July 29, 2020

Cheatsheet - Apache HTTP Server

This cheatsheet is a small collection of handy snippets for quick reference in tricky situations. Feel free to suggest edits, propose additions, complain about something, disagree with content or such and the like. Every feedback is a welcome one.

SSH - Secure Shell

Forward a port from a remote source (I.E. a VPS) to specific port on localhost

ssh -L 65432:localhost:80 user@111.222.333.444 -p 54321 -i .ssh/id_rsa_selected_key

Command breakdown ssh No explanation needed (?)

-L 65432:localhost:80 The forwarding part of the command. 65432 is the port you want to forward to on the target/receiver/local device. localhost:80 is the port om the remote.

user@111.222.333.444 -p 54321 The remote's user, IP-address and SSH port (if port is not specifiec in remote's settings, defaults to 22)

-i .ssh/id_rsa_selected_key '-i' is used when a specific SSH key is needed

Creating a key

ssh-keygen -t rsa -C ""

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