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Published 7 months ago: June 28, 2020

This cheatsheet is a small collection of handy snippets for quick reference in tricky situations. Feel free to suggest edits, propose additions, complain about something, disagree with content or such and the like. Every feedback is a welcome one.


Set/change default password

When logged in as pi (the default user), enter passwd in a terminal

Adding users

In a terminal, enter sudo adduser username

Configure autostart items

One method is to create a configuration file that is unique to the currently logged in user. First you need to edit this text file:

sudo nano ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

This file represents a list of commands to be executed when the GUI loads. It is usually blank when you first edit it so just add the applications you need to auto-load: @lxterminal @leafpad To save and exit the nano editor press CTRL-X, Y and then ENTER.

Restart Apache HTTP Server

sudo systemctl restart apache2

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