CouchDB cheatsheet

Published 4 months ago: September 19, 2020

Cheatsheet for CouchDB

This cheatsheet is a small collection of handy snippets for quick reference in tricky situations. Feel free to suggest edits, propose additions, complain about something, disagree with content or such and the like. Every feedback is a welcome one.

Assumptions for this article

Server is available locally on http://localhost:5984/

Database name is mydb

Fetch all documents using CURL

syntax/structure http://localhost:5984/mydb/_all_docs?include_docs=true


curl -X GET http://localhost:5984/mydb/_all_docs?include_docs=true

# If authentication is required
curl -X GET http://admin:password@localhost:5984/mydb/_all_docs?include_docs=true

Christoffer Lybekk

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